Tropimix Egg Food Mix Enrichment Food 185g

Tropimix Egg Food Mix is a wholesome blend of Tropican Egg Granules and the finest hulled seeds, fruits, nuts and vegetables, available.

C$7.29 Excl. tax
Hari Smart Play Enrichment Parrot Toy - Stainless Steel Bell

Hari Smart Play is a line of enrichment parrot toys specifically designed to enhance important skills such as preening and foraging.

C$22.29 Excl. tax
HARI Java Coffee Wood Perch

Sanded until smooth for a comfortable surface and secure perching.

C$16.29 Excl. tax
Hari Little Foragers Parrot Treats - Chili Snaps - 125 g

Little Foragers - Chili Snaps, Oven Baked Parrot Treats are gently baked with high-quality human grade seeds, chili flakes, peanuts, and blended with Tropican.

C$11.29 Excl. tax