NewCal Indian Almond Leaves "AAA Grade" (10 Pack)

Indian Almond, also known as Ketapang or Catappa leaves are an essential leaf litter for aquarists.

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NewCal Monkey Pot

The Monkey Pot originates from the Lecythis elliptica, a large nut producing tree found in the Amazonian forests. This species is closely related to the tree that produces the Ourico Pods!

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NewCal Willow Oak Leaves

Willow oak, Quercus phellos, comes from the common Oak tree.

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NewCal cassuarina Cones 20pack

Alder cones are widely familiar among aquarists today, but have you heard about the benefits of Casuarina cones?

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NewCal Monkey Pod

The Monkey Pod is the top portion of the Monkey Pot nut!

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NewCal Badam (Jungle) Pods (2 Pack)

The "Jungle Pod" is a seed from the Sterculia foetida tree; commonly known as the wild almond tree or java olive tree.

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