Natural Farm Bully Stick 6" 3 pack

A naturally exciting and healthy dog chew treat! Fully digestible and highly engaging, Natural Farm’s bully sticks provide dogs with an outlet for excess energy and a boost of amino acids.

C$25.99 Excl. tax
Hero Dog Treat Rabbit Fillet

Hero Dog Treats protein packed Rabbit Fillets are low in saturated fat and high in amino acids. Our Rabbit fillets are easily digestible and low in calories.

C$3.99 Excl. tax
Hero Dog Treat Turkey Fillet

Hero Dog Treats Turkey Fillets are grain and gluten free. Great for the digestive system, very high in protein and low in fat.

C$3.99 Excl. tax
Red Barn Beef Cheek Roll

Easily Digestible Compared to Traditional Rawhide. Puffy and Light in Weight.

C$8.99 Excl. tax