Red Barn Glazed Beef Cheek Roll Bully Flavour

Beef Cheek chews are an all-natural chew made from the cow's entire cheek. Our line of Beef Cheek chews is naturally rich in collagen.

C$10.99 Excl. tax
FouFit Zoo Chew Turtle

These adorably modern-designed Zoo Chew animal toys are made of natural latex. The non-toxic toys are stuffed in order to give a better chewing experience.

C$12.99 Excl. tax
Weruva Meals n' More Belly Belly Nice Variety pack

Featuring a variety of Meals 'n More Digestive Support recipes. Boosts digestive support with 2x pumpkin, quinoa, and inulin.

C$42.99 Excl. tax
QT Dog Water Buffalo Cheek 30"

A great alternative to Raw Hide! Our Cheek Treats are an all-natural product of India that provide a great long-lasting chew for your dogs.

C$25.29 Excl. tax