Hagen Cockatiel Staple VME Seed

Hagen Cockatiel Seed contains only the highest quality seeds blended in a perfect balance for the nutritional needs of all Cockatiels.

C$10.29 Excl. tax
Living World Condo Bird Cage

Living World bird cages are designed to facilitate keeping the bird’s home clean & tidy.

C$167.29 Excl. tax
Living World Spray Millet for Birds

Living World Spray Millet is an irresistible treat that will please all companion birds.

C$6.29 Excl. tax
Hari Little Foragers Parrot Treats - Chili Snaps - 125 g

Little Foragers - Chili Snaps, Oven Baked Parrot Treats are gently baked with high-quality human grade seeds, chili flakes, peanuts, and blended with Tropican.

C$11.29 Excl. tax
Prevue Hendryx Play Top Bird Cage (Assorted Colours)

Prevue Pet Products Playtop Parakeet bird cage features a playtop roof and has a removable bottom grille and pull-out tray for easy cleaning.

C$133.29 Excl. tax
Hagen Gourmet Budgie 2.2lb

Hagen Gourmet Seed Mix for Budgies contains only the highest quality seeds, dried fruit, and legumes blended in a perfect balance.

C$12.29 Excl. tax
Prevue Hendryx Playfuls Mr. Mustache

The dangling toy provides your bird entertainment with its sounds and movements.

C$12.29 Excl. tax
Prevue Hendryx Playfuls Miami Frost

Colourful, dangling pull toy designed for satisfying preening instincts and discouraging plucking in your bird.

C$18.29 Excl. tax
Prevue Hendryx Playfuls Cookies & Knots

Dangling toy designed to satisfy plucking, picking, and nesting instincts.

C$14.29 Excl. tax