Exo Terra Thermostat (600W) & Hygrostat (100W) with Day/Night timer

This Exo Terra Dimming Thermostat allows you to accurately control your enclosure temperature with the ability to set temperatures from 10°C up to 60°C

C$155.99 Excl. tax
Zoo Med Digital Combo Thermometer Humidity Gauge

Digital Thermometer and Humidity Gauge Combo!

C$25.99 Excl. tax
Zoo Med ReptiTemp Digital Infrared Themometer

The ReptiTemp® Digital Infrared Thermometer is a small pocket sized Infrared Thermometer that instantly measures terrarium temperatures with the click of a button.

C$42.29 Excl. tax
Zoo Med ReptiCare Day/Night Timer

24-hour programmable lighting timer for your reptile.

C$32.99 Excl. tax
Zoo Med ReptiCare Terrarium Controller

Provide a natural day/night cycle for your reptiles with this 24-hour Programmable Timer & Power Strip in One!

C$44.99 Excl. tax