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In-home aquarium set-up

Have you ever wanted an aquarium in your home but simply don't have the time or know how to set one up? Our staff at Pet Paradise can easily help you set up a beautiful aquarium in your home and give you all the necessary information to make sure your fish are healthy and happy.

How it works

First, we need to figure out what size of aquarium you want while keeping in mind what type of fish will be going into it. Some fish, although small, still need a lot of room to swim around! After that, we take a look at your budget.

We can work with low, medium, and high-end budgets when deciding what equipment we are going to use in your set up. Some equipment is simply more expensive because of build quality while other things such as aquarium stands cost more because they are more aesthetically pleasing. Lighting is another factor that can change drastically depending on what we are putting into the aquarium. For example, if you want your tank to look natural you may want live plants which are going to require better quality lights. We can even get LED lights that have various options such as sunrise, sunset, cloud cover, thunderstorms and much more!

We can present multiple options for every piece of equipment at different price points. If you don't know much about aquariums don't worry we will explain the differences of each product to help you make a decision.


After we have decided on the products we are going to need it's time to set up your tank! Pick a day and time that works for you and then we are all set! Set up times depend on the tank size and type of equipment we are using. Larger aquariums and more complicated filtration systems are going to take more time than something more basic. Once the aquarium is filled up, all of the electronics are plugged in and we ensure everything is running smoothly. Then, it’s onto the next step!

Adding Fish!

This is the absolute hardest part for most people and for a few reasons. First off, it requires a lot of patience. Aquarium filtration takes time to build up beneficial bacteria that break down all the toxins in your tank that the fish produce. For that reason, we cannot fill a tank with fish right away. The absolute best and safest way to start filling your aquarium is to add fish slowly. Generally, we add a few hardy fish to start, wait some time, get a water test, and if all checks out add some more.

There are going to be times where the water quality is off in the early stages and we must wait while doing some extra maintenance before we can continue. That being said, if you do it right the first time and don't overload the tank then we will only have to go through this process once and you will have a beautiful aquarium sooner rather than later!

The last reason this part is so hard is because there are so many different types of fish! As much as we would like to put all our favorites together, many fish simply don't get along. Our recommendation is to find one fish you really love and then we can give you other great recommendations based off of that. Research some fish online and maybe look up some videos, no need to rush this part. The more time you take to find something you really love, the better the end results will be!


We can discuss everything beforehand and answer any questions you may have. We want to make sure you have all of the necessary information to make this the best possible experience!



How it works

Let us know what tank you would like us to set up for you or bring in your own! We will completely set up the interior of your terrarium for your animal's specific needs while ensuring it looks great. If you have certain items you would like included in your set up we can incorporate those as well. The possibilities are endless! With a wide variety of live plants, driftwood, stones, leaf litter and other decor available, we can assure you will have a unique miniature habitat in your home!

Note: We do not build the physical tank. We design the interior (substrate, plants, decor, etc.) based on the tank you provide or select in-store.

Why do a naturalistic terrarium?

Although a basic set-up works just fine so long as it is meeting all your animal's needs, nothing brings out natural and unique behaviors more than a naturalistic/bioactive setup. You may notice your lizards digging and foraging for bugs or your snake creating natural tunnels in the substrate! It also looks great! No more staring at a boring bare tank. You can watch not only your animal grow but your terrarium as well. As plants begin to grow and fill your tank, your clean-up crew begins to multiply!

What exactly is a bio-active terrarium?

A bio-active terrarium is essentially a living environment. Imagine trying to replicate the part of the world your animal is from within your enclosure. This includes everything from the correct substrate, live plants, hollow logs, branches, leaf litter, and bugs for the clean-up crew!

You also may be wondering what exactly the clean-up crew is. Clean up crew can refer to any little bug or microfauna that helps with breaking down waste within your tank, anything from reptile feces to decaying plant matter and more. Some that are commonly used are springtails, isopods (commonly referred to as potato bugs or pillbugs), mealworm beetles, and earthworms. Don't worry, these guys are completely harmless to your pets. Many isopods can come in a variety of colours and patterns as well!


We can discuss everything beforehand and make sure we are creating the best possible environment for your animal and ensure you are getting the most enjoyment out of your pet.