Arcadia Freshly Pressed Tortoise Food

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Optimised52 is the brand new, all-natural, vet-checked tortoise food by Arcadia Reptile. Many diets on the market contain fillers, preservatives and foods a tortoise wouldn’t eat in the wild, we decided this needs to change!

  • All-Natural, wild-like nutrition.
  • No waste product used as fillers such as nut shells, maise, sunflower seed husks, soya bean husks.
  • Developed with zoo vet oversight.
  • No artificial colours, flavours, scents or preservatives.
  • Added Bee Pollen, ReVitaliseD3 and a Probiotic.
  • Highly palatable and low waste compressed food.
  • Feed as a hydrated mulch or dry.
  • 1-2 tiles per day for >each 400g body weight.
  • Developed with Mediterranean species in mind.
  • An average minimum grass and herb mix of 52 EU grown species plus additional flowers, petals and whole leaf plants.
  • No chinchilla dust added to dry out the digestive tract.
  • Can make up to 70% of the total diet. Add in seasonal fresh salads, flowers, weeds and herbs as available.
  • A pressed mix, not a baked extruded pellet.


Did you know that almost all commercial Tortoise foods are made from food waste such as almond nut shells or soya husk? Did you know that many of these prepared diets that smell so strongly of fruits or flowers do so because of potent artificial attractants?

Did you know that many of these foods are totally unnatural when compared with the wild diets of these incredible animals? In many cases they are little more than a baked, extruded chemical mass of artificial colours, flavours, scents, and preservatives? A chemical soup soaked into waste fibres and with very little actual ‘food’.

EarthPro-Optimised52 is a brand new, vet checked, all-natural way of feeding tortoises, developed to replicate wild feeding by only using natural ingredients. We use no non-natural fillers such as seed husks, nut shells, Maize, soya and flours which are all too common in prepared Tortoise diets.

Tortoises have developed over vast time to be opportunistic feeders that are highly herbivorous. They are an exploring species that will graze as opportunity arises within seasonality. The wild diet of the Mediterranean species consists mainly of leafy vegetation, grasses, roots, tubers, and seasonal flowers. Fruits are taken but rarely and as a seasonal supplier.

A wild diet of this type is very high in fibre, low in protein, sodium and fats. Natural geophagy is also a vital supplier of essential minerals and vitamins, mostly from the B group.