AQUATOP Cut To Fit Filter Pad 18" x 10"-Phosphate & Nitrate Removing Poly-fiber

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Introducing Aquatop’s 18”x10” Specialized Filtration Media Pads. These filter pads are made of a durable, rigid poly-fiber material and are uniquely enhanced to remove harmful toxins and organic particles from fresh or saltwater systems. The RFP-1018PN is a special 2-in-1 Phosphate & Nitrate Removing Filter Pad that helps to prevent potential nuisance algae blooms by removing unwanted phosphates and nitrates from the water column for healthier, cleaner water. 



  • Removes harmful Phosphate and Nitrate from aquarium water
  • Helps reduce algae build-up
  • Traps organic particles and debris
  • Can be cut to fit virtually any aquarium or pond filter
  • For Fresh or Saltwater use