Pet Paradise Box

Subscribe to a fun box for your loving cat or dog, they need a fun surprise too! Options to be mailed to you on a monthly, bi-monthly, or try it out for a one-time basis! This box is full of fun treats, accessories and other items your Dog or Cat will enjoy. You can order a one time box which is perfect for birthday gifts or holidays for friends or family pets, or for your pet's birthday or just to try it out! 
Every box is different and is full of our favourites that are hand-picked items by our experts at Pet Paradise.

Pet Paradise London

  • 1080 Adelaide Street North
    London, ON
    N5Y 2N1 Canada

  • +1 519-432-1600

  • Hours of Operation
    Mon-Sat:      9:30 am - 6pm
    Sunday:      11:00 am - 6pm

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