Advitan T-C-E

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Advitan T-C-E is a natural water conditioner. It is an extract from the leaves of the tree Teminalia Capatta also known as Indian Almond leaves.


Terminalia Capatta leaves are commonly found in the South East Asian and South Asian regions where slightly acidic soft-water species such as barbs, bettas, botias, danios, gouramis, rasboras, rainbow fishes, etc., dwell. The leaves contain natural trace elements, conducive to these species to thrive in those places. Such places are open flooded
fields, and streams, where the fishes gathered in that particular environment. Advitan T-C-E accomodates these species including those from other slightly soft acidic regions comparably to their dwelling origins.
Some other species include:

• Angelfish

• Apistogramma / Dwarf cichlids

• Corydoras

• Rams

• Killifish

• Otocinclus

• South American cichlids

• Tetras



If using reverse osmosis water, ensure the kH value is at about 2 dkH.

If using municipal tap water:
Check the kH value, ensure the kH is between 2 and 4 dkH.

Values above 4 dkH may be lowered by mixing reverse osmosis or distilled water.

Simply apply 5-ml for every 76 liters / 20 gallons of aquarium water.

Double the dose for pH value above 8.0, provided the kH value is above 2 dkH.

Reapply the proportional dosage after every water change.


Note: Advitan T-C-E pH value = 4.8 @ 20 deg Celcius. Unpredictable pH value may result if kH level is below 2 dkH.